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Why has my water bill increased without my knowledge?

There are several different reasons that a water water bill could increase.

The number one reason for an unknown increase in the water bill is underground leaks. Often underground water leaks can occur under the home, deep underground. These leaks are called " Slab Leaks ". Slab leaks can happen without giving any symptoms that they are happening, until the high water bill shows up. Alerting us that there is a problem.

Most homes in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough County have water lines made of copper pipe that can run deep underground, under the home to feed hot and cold water throughout the house from one plumbing fixture to the next. Often these pipes run deep underground in what is called a loop system. Over time "Pin hole" leaks can occur in the pipe. in one of the loops. They usually start very small and increase in size over time. If the pin hole leak is deep underground? The water from the leak will be absorbed into the ground without being noticed until the high water bill shows up.

If you have a high water bill or If you believe you may have a Pin hole leak underground in one of your loops we can help or if you would like more questions answered please call 89 leak Detection at 727-656-4292

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